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Hello everyone~! ^w^

I’ve finally gathered all the needed things for the giveaway & so I’m ready to launch it! :)

This is the way I’d like to thank you all, my dear friends, followers, rp-partners, kouhais, senpais, zergs & others, for following & supporting me. I’ve magically reached 130+ followers (WOW, I still can’t believe it :’D) so I decided to organize a giveaway for all of you.

So, what’s the drill??

The Prizes:

  • 1. Place: A bag of sweets, cute things & anything from Starfighter e-shop in max. price 15$ (shipping excluded) (the e-shop website: http://shop.starfightercomic.com/ )
  • 2. Place: A package of sweets & cute things.
  • 3. Place: A package of sweets.

All of the places will get a !surprise gift! from me~! ^^

The Rules:

  • You MUST be following me (I’ll check).
  • No giveaway blogs, please (once again - I’ll check).
  • You must like & reblog this post (as much as you want to).
  • I ship internationally.
  • You must have open inbox, so I can contact you.
  • You must be willing to send me your postal adress (or else I won’t send you the prize & choose another person).
  • I won’t share anywhere your personal information & it won’t be used for any different purpose, only for sending you the prize.
  • The urls of the contestants will be written on little pieces of paper, put in a hat & then randomly drawn by me. I’ll post here a video with the announcement after I’ll do it.
  • After that, you have 3 days to respond on my notification message. Otherwise I’ll choose a different person.
  • I’m not responsible for the speed of your delivery!
  • The giveaway ends 1st of August 2014 at 10 p.m. UTC/GMT+02:00 (the Central European Time Zone).

Go on~! ^^ Like it, share it, have fun with it!

I wish you all good luck~! :3

If you have any questions, message me - I’m ready to answer & help you

~With love & care
            your Deimun~

DISCLAIMER: The webcomic Starfighter was created by HamletMachine & she is the owner of the e-shop at http://shop.starfightercomic.com/
I don’t claim any original rights, nor am an owner or share a part on it.
I’m just giving you the opportunity to buy anything from her e-shop in the prize listed above for your personal purposes.

I’m prolonging the giveaway until 2nd of September 2014, because of my personal reasons, which occured to me lately. Feel free to participate~! ^^

Go on, spread it like wild-fire~! :)

offline ‘till 2nd of September - going on Abunai! con in Netherlands

Greetings, my friends! :)

Tomorrow I’ll depart to a Dutch anime convention (it would be so epic to meet there someone from tumblr :’3) & will arrive on Tuesday.

These days I’ve been working on my secret design for fem!Clear from Dramatical Murder (& it’s still unfinished, so typical of me :’3) & I hope everything turns out good :’) I still need to finish it today somehow miraculously. Keep your fingers crossed for me, plz!! >w<

I’ll also take Shiri from Durarara!!, because she’s so much fun to cosplay & people in Netherlands liked to interact with me :3 (in Slovakia too, but not that much :/)

*sigh* I just want to pack all of my things, finish the cosplay & sleep peacefully~

Btw. sorry, but I won’t post photos of sewing progress (I don’t have a good camera + I don’t like to do that). But I’ll hopefully have some photos from the convention :3

So yeah, that’s all. Goodbye for now & take care of yourselves~! ^^

~With love & care
              your hella stressed Deimun~

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Make a wish.

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Finally painted this lady’s hair 😩

Artist. She’s a motherfucking talented and beautiful artist ;w;


robots don’t sleep so they improvise sleep with stargazing

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Video Game Splatter Prints

By Melissa Smith

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Your time’s up. It’s time for you to disappear.

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Thanks to this new art by HamletMachine, I have a new OTP. <3

In honour of the new bizarrely cuddly Cain. <3

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