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if you are attracted to me you are required by law to tell me. 

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Waah, my fem!Clear progress recieved so much love today (thank you everyone for nice comments! xylande, iris-croatica & many others :))

I appreciate it all so much~! ^^ Soo here have a quickly edited photo as a thank for all of you :3 I didn’t expect such a reaction from you, guys~! ^w^


Fem!Clear from Dramatical Murder - in progress :)

Click photos for captions~

(I’ve already made one fem!Clear dress, but I’m not satisfied with it, so I’ll make a new one in these days :3)

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Bless you, Cain’s butt.
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French: fairy; one of a class of supernatural beings, generally conceived as having a diminutive human form and possessing magical powers.

Etymology: from Old French fae, from Vulgar Latin Fāta, “goddess of fate”, from the plural of Latin fātum, “fate”.



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