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Task name: Deimos
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Nationality: ???
Rank: Fighter
Partner: Navigator Phobos


Story Title
Rated: ?
WC: ???,???
Char 1 x Char 2
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I’m not sure what’s going on here. Phobos just got out of the shower, and Praxis is there… Like maybe Praxis agreed to do something for Phobos in return for, er… something Abel related, I’m sure.

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Gay Boys~<3

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  • So like……this piece is SUPER important to me because it’s for my comic senpai and no amount of words/art can express how much inspiration she’s been. Hamletmachine, thank you for being one of the people to motivate me everyday to work on my own projects and have people love them as much as you do making them. This crossover might have butchered your babies but I hope you like it and please continue doing what you do! ;___; 


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more redrawn sheeeiiitt


random little drawing of mine 

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